Sunday, 26 July 2009



Yep I'm excited I have evidence that spring is on it's way, and yes I know we have a long way to go but I could see the end when I looked in these pots under the willow tree today, all those gorgeous little spring green shoots popping through the soil.
This afternoon's been so gorgeous, the sun was really warm and I just laxed out in the living room in the sun.I took the day off from emptying cupboards, sorting stuff to get rid of and generally organising the front of the house, I started work at 6.30am again this morning and I'm not feeling very energetic I must admit, but got some time off next week so it will be all go.
With this renewed love of the house has come a revival of my love of Vintage fabrics, paint schemes etc, wow can't wait until we start making cutains and painting, but I'm learning that patience is a virtue and all things in their own time, scary sound like I'm growing up finally. LOL.

The roof guy came yesterday and did some patching.....yah no more leaks, and he said they won't be too far from coming to replace the roof so that's going to be a big weight lifted....well literally I guess, it's all like a dream come true.
I still can't really get to my scrap table but I'm promising myself that I will journal heaps so that I can make an album when it's all done, kinda funny I think having a break from scrapping is making me see the real stuff that I want to record so that's a bonus I guess.
I have another photo here that I took in the living room this afternoon, celebrating the sun and our new suite which I found hard to shift off of once I sat down....but hey it's Sunday.
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