Thursday, 16 July 2009

Winter lights


On Friday night it was so cold and I lit heaps of candles to try and achieve a warm feeling in the dining room, these are a few pics I took of the effects. I love them actually and can't wait to scrap them, but that might take awhile, with everything going on in the house at the moment my scrap table is somewhat "submerged", won't be for long and it will be worth it, it's so exciting to see things that we have planned for so long starting to happen, had a bench altered today in the kitchen, what a difference it has made.
The sun is shining out there at the moment and it's so beautiful but wow this has been a cold winter can't wait for spring.
Was busy at work last night so didn't feel the earthquake that everyone is talking about, must have been a real doozy, 7.8 on the richter scale, centred in the south west of the south island....yuk I just hate those things.
Anyway taking friends out for dinner tonight so better move.
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