Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Senz 2010

I was just reading Scrapbook Oulet's newsletter and there is a link to go and vote for where you would like next years Senz show to be, being very keen to go to another Senz but not really being able to travel to the North Island for it I voted for Dunedin, but Christchurch is ok too. I went to the one in Christchurch and it really was an awesome experience, so if you are reading this I encourage you to vote here for where you would like to see it staged because there is a rumour around that it may be soon to be extinct and that would be sad.
A very grey old morning here today, I want to go out and prune a couple of roses so I'm off before it rains.

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lynne1 said...

thanks for the voting link...of course I had to vote Dunedin (not that it is likely). Would love to go to one.