Friday, 31 July 2009

The eyes have it...

well Gus's eyes sure do, problems that is. He has always had problems with his eyes and two years ago after countless rounds of sore runny eyes we had grafts done on his eyes and until now it has been really successful, until now and one of them has been really bad for about a fortnight. I've been to the vet three times, had drops for his eye but although it's improved it's still not right, so next week he's going to the "Eye Vet" who did the grafts for him to check them. Oh boy that poor wee man has been through so much, he might be beautiful but in his case beauty has come at a cost.
Anyway things to be grateful for this morning:
It's blowing a howling gale and I'm not worried sick about losing our roof. ( Although we are still waiting to have it replaced the guys came and did some emergency repairs until they can get here to replace it). Yah! Can't wait.

The curtain sample we brought home yesterday matches the Living room area perfectly and we love it so that's on the "go ahead list".
I'm going to have lunch with one of my best friends today, we haven't caught up for ages.

The cafe we are going to is right next door to a wee furniture?knick/knack shop :).

I am officially on holiday till next Wednesday.

Now just to achieve everything I have on my list by then and life will be perfect.

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