Thursday, 6 August 2009


Can't believe I'm sitting in our lounge....with our new Pellet fire roaring behind me, oh boy oh boy. Within an hour of it being on the whole house felt drier and warmer than it ever happy,
Have moved into my new craft room, (not entirely unpacked and ready for action) but it sure looks very cool, can't wait to sit at my table and do something.
I took the net curtain down and washed it and it fell to bits so it's a bit exposed to the street when i sit there, (nothing will happen in this street without me knowing about it LOL), but seriously it's off to Spotlight tomorrow for some curtain net.
I planned to make a book of all the changes but I've been so busy I keep forgetting to take photos along the way, ah well it will be pages of the improvements, which will be very cool.
Gus is sitting on a chair beside me thoroughly enjoying the fire, it makes a bit of a noise so I thought he might be scared but nah, as long as you react like every thing's fine he just goes with the flow and he's loving that heat.
I must admit this house makeover bug has bitten me and I find it hard just to sit down and not be re-organising and titivating.
Long may it last I say!


mandyb said...

oooh love the new blog look.... have been slack in commenting but always read (from google though so dont see blog changes)

pellet fire nice... enjoy the warmth... and new scrap room... SO SO jealous

EverydayMe said...

Just wanted to come by and say thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comments... I hope you come by again... have a really lovely weekend... and enjoy the fire... it sounds so nice and cozy...