Tuesday, 22 September 2009



This was one of those moments when I just couldn't resist the urge to turn the photo into an advertisement.
It started raining around lunch-time and got really cold, we were deliberating as to whether to light the fire or not, Gus, who had come in out of the rain and was wet, ran up and sat on the couch and looked at us as if to say "I vote yes", as soon as I lit it he just spread out ,blissed out and went to sleep...truly priceless.
Haven't been blogging much, been so busy. Working 5 days, still fiddling with the house etc etc hasn't left much time. Am definitely missing my scrappy stuff though so that room is next on the agenda, hopefully in the next couple of days, unfortunately it turned into the "in the mean-time room" so a bit to do in there.
have been learning reception at work so my brain has really been stretched over the lat few days, enjoying it though and it's another thing I can do....(when I finally get too old to run around in the restaurant,).
Anyway nearly time to get back to it so better go.
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mandyb said...

cute... so so cute