Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Starting to feel better...

and I'm so glad, it's been over a week now I'm definitely tired of this bug. I really don't have time for it either at work or at home, there just seems to be so much I want to do.
I'm still buzzing about my sisters surprise visit last week, that was so good to catch up.
Finally I'm starting to miss my crafty stuff still in a state of chaos in what is going to be my craft room, I was so involved in doing stuff to the house I kinda left it and then with not feeling great I haven't had the energy to tackle it but I must admit I am starting to get itchy fingers again. I hauled out a tapestry cushion that I've been doing on and off for ages, really keen to finish it now cos it will definitely match the curtains we are going to make for the sitting-room and it will go well with the couch out there. Over the past few days I've been doing a bit of applique, I have a cushion I'd like to make for a little girl I know, but today it struck me that sometimes things that were an un-dying passion are hard to go back to. I used to do patchwork and applique all the time but now even though I'm dead keen to go back to it everything I pick up seems "so back then" and I'm bored before I begin.
I did find some very "now" looking patterns on-line yesterday but they were in Australia, although I guess they could be sent over. I feel there's a yearning there to do some patchwork but it will have to be new, I used to be in to the very country fabrics and somehow now they just aren't doing it for me..... maybe it's this bug making me restless, don't know.
Off to find some inspiration.

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mandyb said...

glad you are also starting to feel better too.... as for being crafty i am also looking forward to getting some energy to give it ago!!!!!