Thursday, 3 September 2009

Blown away....

Just been on Facebook and seen photos of Sam, (my niece) taken in Oz, such a teenager wow. It seems like no time since she was just a tiny baby,time sure does fly when there's kids involved that;s for sure.
Still feeling a bit miserable with this bug, just want to curl up under a duvet hope it passes soon.
Oh and yeah it actually snowed here yesterday, just briefly at our place but the hills behind us were really white and the car was frozen when Faye went to work at 7am. Thought that was all over it's been so spring like.
Been laying on the couch watching day-time talk TV, oh my God! Talk about a different world think, no make that I know I would much rather have my ordinary little life than the people on Jeremy Kyle and Dr.Phil, are those people for real????
Anyway back to the couch.

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