Wednesday, 2 September 2009

What a week it's been...

For surprises. Was at work on Monday night, just finalizing everything and a lady came to the front desk and asked for me....OMG! It was my sister, had no idea she was in the city I think my mouth was frozen open. Anyway we've had an awesome catch up, so much talking my jaw and brain hurts but oh wow what a treat! So so cool to catch up and to hang out, she came to work with me last night and that was so neat, she's in the restaurant industry too so she enjoyed hanging out and seeing what we do.
Anyway her Mum and sister have started an on-line scrap shop called "Craftbug" and they specialise is dies like Sizzix, Spell-binders and Cuttlebug, well worth a look. They also have "topic specific" scrapbooking stuff, so if you are looking for stickers, title blocks etc for a page about just about anything check them out, it's well worth it.
Today I feel realy off, not just cos Gaylene left this morning but I'm coming down with "the bug", been resisting all winter but I think it's got me now, damn it, don't have time.
I had the Cricut out this morning to show Gaylene and I really want to sort my craft room cos I want to play but don't think I've got the energy....shame.
Anyway off to make a coffee.

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