Friday, 21 August 2009

Gorgeous Dunedin

Well yesterday was amazing, went to the Early Settlers museum as part of the Tourism course I'm doing, I have been there in the past but wow have they and are they doing some work making some changes to this wonderful plus. Being shown around by the two experts there was an added treat, their knowledge is outstanding and they make it sound so interesting and in fact relevant, if you have the chance to visit do it, you won't be disappointed.
The afternoon involved a walk around some of the earliest buildings in Dunedin, it's amazing how something that's been there all your life, that you've taken for granted, takes on a new dimension when someone starts explaining the history and tells the stories etc.
The other amazing thing that happened was that while walking in the area of the city that, when I was a child was the main city area, the memories that flooded back into my head of being in that area with Mum, hearing her telling stories of things that happened there when she was growing up, walking the route that her and her Mother and sister walked to town, it was all quite a fantastic to relive those memories, hear those stories in my head, somehow I spent an afternoon with my Mum and Grandma, very very cool.
Anyway I'm thinking of going back this afternoon and taking my camera, duh! How did I forget it yesterday? I'm thinking that whenever I get into my scrap room photos of this area could be very inspiring.
This weekend is going to be a curtain-making marathon, looking forward to the next step of re-creating our house, so exciting.
Btw, has anyone reading this blog noticed that in the "Places I Visit" down the side, there has been an influx of sites that are "fabric orientated"? Some are Patchwork sites and some are sites which do some cool decorating things with fabric, I have always loved fabric and stitching and for a long time was an avid stitcher, be it patchwork or embroidery, it all came to end when the house became a "country folk art factory" and everything had to be packed away to protect it from the sawdust that came from living in a factory, but now that that era has come to an end I'm finding myself once again drawn to fabric, stitching etc. Ah so many toys so little time! And to that end I must move from this computer.

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