Thursday, 20 August 2009

Time to Breath...

but only for a moment ha ha. Am off to this course I'm doing at the moment through the Polytech. It's aimed at people working in the hospo industry to give them a better idea about the tourist attractions available in our city, I think it's going to be very interesting...well it would be if it wasn't my day off and I didn't want to stay home and make curtains. Things are happening very fast around here, we are still waiting for the new roof to be put on but the pellet fire has moved in and made it's self right at home, we have covered the very "60's" black vinyl couch (which I love btw), the front lounge (photo) has been re-arranged and is no longer my scrap room (in more ways than one), oh yeah about my scrap-room, that's in the spare room but unfortunately not unpacked yet so can't get to anything but then I haven't had time anyway. It seems that everything's changed and we've fallen in love with the house again and just want to bring it back to life.
Got material yesterday for curtains for the lounge,( great time for Spotlight to have a 20% off day I say) so hopefully they will get started tonight, can't wait.
Poor Gus doesn't know where to sit anymore, he used to know that I'd be parked out in the living room when he wanted a cuddle but now he's got to look for me, but at least
he's discovered that "cats love fires" and is often found curled up in front of it.
Well the clock's just beeped so time to go, another day another adventure.

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