Monday, 19 October 2009

It's been ages....

since I've blogged but life's been really hectic.
The roofers arrived last Monday morning and now we finally have a gorgeous new roof, just a bit of finishing to do(hopefully soon), the scaffolding is still up so they'll want to get rid of that pretty soon I guess. You know the old saying "One thing leads to another", well now we are waiting for a quote to have a window and a few boards replaced....we are on a roll.
Have been really busy at work, still doing reception as well as restaurant shifts so I find when I'm home I'm pretty shattered so still haven't been able to get into my scrap room and set it up. I stand in the middle of it, look around at all the stuff that's in there till we find it another home, roll my eyes and walk away.
Sadly it's really starting to affect me that I can't just sit down and play and chill out so I'm going to have to make a start. Also I need to start on Christmas stuff as well as do an album celebrating all the work around the house.
Gus has been hilarious while all the work has been going on, I planned to put him in a cattery while the roof was being done but they didn't warn us they were coming so he was here the whole time. I had to keep him inside because of flying tin and the poor wee man was terrified to begin with, so on the first day Faye put his carrier basket in my room and covered it with two duvets, leaving him an opening to come and go, clever wee man that he is he climbed in and went to sleep.
The next day as soon as the noise started he ran and sat beside my bed waiting for his "safe place", he's such a cool dude that's for sure.
Was just on Scrapbook Outlet's site and was blown away by the latest work on there, wow there are some hugely talented people on that site, the work is amazing.
It's such a grey horrible day today and they are promising much for spring.
However that's about it in my world at the moment, and considering everything that's probably enough.

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mandyb said...

poor wee guy... a new roof must have been scary...glad he found a place to hide.

also hope you get the chance to set up your room.... then get busy being crafty