Tuesday, 20 April 2010

8 Day's to go.....

till Scrap Camp, can taste the excitement now! This time I feel really organised, I've been sorting photos, writing down ideas, planning layouts, shopping! Well it's part of the fun eh?
Over the past week my head seems to have cleared and suddenly I'm looking at scrapbooking differently. I hear a song and photos pop into my head that I could use on a layout using the lyrics of the song. ( Not to self: Still need more photos printed..
I think up until now I've had a problem with what to scrap I have done heaps of Gus layouts, my friends are fairly camera shy, and I don't have kids. Sometimes I think I see all the gorgeous layouts people do with photos of their kids, family etc and my layouts seem dull and uninteresting. But I have decided to look at the photos I have differently, add them to my scrapbooks because at the end of the day they are about my life and that's what scrapping should be about.
Now that I've had this thought, suddenly everywhere I go, everything I do gives me inspiration and I can't wait to get some of these ideas down as layouts....exciting thought.
But for now it's time to go to work...so later.


mandyb said...

i am the same.... though i do have nieces luckily!!!
i also take a lot of shots of sights, places, my house and plants/flowers!!!!
Yah for your new found enthuiasm and enjoy scrap camp

Sonya said...

I am the same, take lots of random photos but usually only scrap the happy faces, and brushed hair photos, I also must scrap the 'snapshots' Your page is stunning, and your photo is really gorgeous!