Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday off!

Yah!!! Went back to bed this morning and woke at 11.45, yikes didn't mean to sleep that long, never mind I'm storing zzzz'z for Scrap Camp LOL!
I'm really getting back into the "scrapping groove" it's been gone for awhile with all the house stuff going on, in fact my room become the "in-the-mean-time" room so it wasn't all that easy to go in there. However we have now decided we are going to paint it and really get it organised so very excited about that. How lucky am I to share a house with a nearly life-long friend who is like family and understands what makes me buzz? So today my reason to be Thankful is: Old Friends who are like Family. Thankyou Buddy.

Now off to finish the page I started at Scrap day last Sunday.
Have an awesome Saturday.

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