Saturday, 8 May 2010

A whole week...

has past since Scrap Camp! I really can't believe it. Haven't done any scrapping this week but we have finally got my scrap room properly organised and I have started unpacking bags, boxes etc, so it has been a productive week. Can't wait for my days off on Mon and Tuesday to get in there and actually do something.
I still can't believe how much I got done over last weekend 10 layouts was amazing, I just felt inspired with the next idea by the time I finished each layout. And what's more I love all the ones I did, usually I look back at them and think of things I could've done to improve them but this time I'm just super happy with each of them.
Anyway last week at Scrap Camp, there was a bit of a trend to fold and pleat ribbon on pages and I just found this idea, which takes the idea to another level, this lady is pleating strips of paper. I think it's super cute and maybe worth checking out and giving it a try. (Let me see :) you do :) pleeze!
Anyway got another layout that I did last weekend to share, it is of course Gus, I've had this paper for a while and I always new it would be on a Gus page, so here tis...


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mandyb said...

is gus wearing a bandana??? how cute!!! wondering if georgie would????