Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ok so last night...

I watched "Neighbourhood Wars" or whatever it's called. I don't normally watch things like that, well I'm usually at work at night, but last night I did and I'm afraid it made me very sad. Faye was home too and still this morning she said it really upset her. The gist of it was about these this lady who lives somewhere in the North Island, (I can't remember where), with her elderly mother and she has 5 little Griffin dogs and two cats, one of which was like Gus only had been shaved so looked like a lion, (note to self :brush Gus every day so that this doesn't ever happen to him cos I would giggle every time I looked at him) . But back to the serious stuff, wherever they live the city council requires the neighbours to sign off a permission slip for you to have more than one dog. The neighbour, who at one time had been friends with this lady, had in fact done this, but now after the lady acquiring the little dogs, the neighbour had changed her mind citing noise smell etc etc. This is where it got really annoying because it appeared that the children had taken to teasing the dogs when they were outside making them bark. They had also thrown sheets of tin and other rubbish over the fence in an attempt to annoy the dogs. The owner of the dogs and her Mum were distraught that unless a truce could be made they would have to part with all but one of the dogs. To cut a long story short, a compromise couldn't be reached and she had to send four of the little dogs to stay in the country with a friend and she just kept one at a time to stay.
Now my point about all this is: I know what it's like to be a single woman with no children and to devote all that love and attention on an animal, they do become your child, sorry but it's a fact. I felt that the woman making the complaint was peeved about something else and was using this as a way of getting back. I felt so sorry for the lady with the dogs, here she was taking care of her frail Mum, working a full-time job and her source of happiness was her little dog family who she clearly looked after very well. I know a little bit about Griffins, a relation of Faye's has one and it came to visit a couple of times, smaller than Gus and a tiny little bark, happy just to cuddle up on the couch and be no bother to anyone.
I guess my point it, when did it become that some people think that they have the right to play God over other people?
It was clear from the complainant's attitude that it was going to be "Her way or the Highway". Did she ever stop to think how she would feel if the council could say that she had to part with two of her children???? No I bet she didn't!

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