Monday, 7 June 2010

Last night...

I babysat the most adorable Taylor Rose, what a sweetheart. Just before her Mummy and Daddy were ready to leave we settled ourselves on the couch with a story, as they said goodbye and disappeared out the door there were tears but it took all of a couple of minutes to rekindle the interest in the story and she was fine. I wish someone could have got a photo as she snuggled in and we read the book. I finished the story, went back through some of the pages and suddenly she sat up,gathered her pillow and signaled to be picked up and taken to bed, I carried her in and tucked her into her cot and then the funny part, she was in her Merino sleeping bag already but there were no blankets in the cot, so I went back into the lounge and gathered the blankets that she's had on the floor, and tucked her in. Within minutes of her talking to herself she was sound asleep. Logan and Suz had a good giggle when they came home and saw the blankets, with this sleeping bag she doesn't need blankets lol!. Apart from that a very successful babysit methinks.
Today it's horrible here, heavy rain, very cold and they are talking snow!!!!! But for me I don't care, it's the first day of my week off!!!!! Let the fun begin.

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mandyb said...

lol cute story.... my nieces use merino sleep sacs...and still have one blanket.... though always kicked off!!!
easy mistake to make