Sunday, 6 June 2010

A day from hell....

well I suppose it wasn't that bad but it felt like it at the time. Worked today, started @6.30am, did the breakfast shift. Breakfast finished at 10am and we had (two of us) 1hr to set the resataurant for a wedding for 40 people. OMG! As if that wasn't enough stress by 10.15 the wedding people had started to arrive and wanted this and that and we were getting frantic.... but we finished in time but I'm not sure how. The wedding lunch went pretty smoothly and I was definitely hanging out for 2.45 when I was due to finish, but oh no Murphy was still "in da house" and my replacement forgot to come.....grrr! By 4pm. all was sorted and I could come home but I'm shattered and stressed and now I just want to sleep. Am starting to question whether or not this job is worth all the stress and exhaustion!!! Oh well now I have a week off to think and regroup and of course to play so I'll probably feel differently in a few days, but for now?????

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