Saturday, 5 June 2010

Vintage Craziness.....

and for this I'm blaming Beverley
LOL! She sent me some photos of Martha's Pantry in Wellington and ever since I've been on a mission, firstly it's increased my want to go to Wellington, but's he reheated my interest in all things vintage. As I've said recently, we have decorated out dining-room, kitchen quite vintagely???, but the other day I realised we don't have a tea-cosy in the house!!!! So yesterday my hunt for tea cosy pattern was on, (probably had heaps in the books that went to the Regent book sales) but never mind I found one and sat here last night knitting a tea cosy! The first one, the pattern didn't work out, so I pulled it down but I have started another one, have I lost my marbles??? Or is it just that all this vintagey goodness is getting to me and taking me back to another time when everything seemed warm and snug and life was easy....(well I guess it was for me as a child) LOL!
Anyway there will be a tea cosy and it will be this space.

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mandyb said...

well...shall i tell you that we have just been there today for high tea???
will blog about it soon!!!!
was great!!!