Saturday, 26 June 2010


Tonight I watched the movie "Julie and Julia. I saw it when it was on at the movies but couldn't resist buying the DVD. I enjoyed it more second time around. I really get where Julie is coming from. The story is about this young woman living in New York who loves to cook and decides to make everything in Julia Child's famous cook book.At the same time she creates a blog to share her ideas about the food and her adventure. The film follows both of their lives and it's quite fascinating that although during different time periods their lives are strangely the same, and their love of cooking replaces the things missing in their lives, or in some way compensates for other factors. I really get it because I love to cook, love the whole ceremony surrounding creating and presenting food, love cooking for people etc etc. It's well worth a watch and once again now I really want to buy Julia Child's cook book.
Apart from that it's been a lazy day although, inspired by the movie I have just made banana bread...YUM!

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Mandyb said...

is a great movie isnt it!!!!
must watch it again!!!!!