Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The "Wee Man" Saga!

On Monday night all I could do was quote Barbara Streisand from her movie "Funny Girl". The quote goes : "What a day I've had to day"! Said in the movie with a very strong Jewish accent. Well anyway that definitely summed up my Monday.
5.45am. Alarm goes off and the day begins. Took Faye to work and came back to collect cat cage.
7.45. Found house where Wee Man ( Oh maybe I should explain, Wee Man is a cat belonging to a young friend of mine who recently moved to Australia with her husband.)However knocked on door of said house was greeted by the guy who was looking after the cat who went and picked him up, but in the attempt to get him into the cat cage we let WM> go and he escaped out the UNLOCKED cat door.
15 mins later we had him secure in the cage and I was walking to the car.
On the way to the airport it was really foggy and I had a bad feeling about it all.
8.30am. Arrived at airport and not knowing where to go queued at the check-in only to be told in no uncertain terms I should be at Cargo. Cool off I trotted to Cargo where I met Lorraine who was checking in a little dog, (another story here for another day). However alarm bells rang after over hearing a comment she made to them :: No guarantee the flights would be going so could they hang around. Well actually yeah there was fog alright, you couldn't see the runway, in my haste I hadn't noticed. But when I asked about the flight to Christchurch she thought it might be ok but could I perhaps go and have a coffee and wait.
Sure thing. Well Terminal packed, got coffee and stood to drink it, all the time aware that the fog was getting thicker and they had started diverting planes to Invercargill. Ah Oh! Looked at screen "Flight to Christchurch CANCELLED.!
Back I go to cargo where the saga with the wee dog was now bringing me close to tears, (can't bear to see a child upset, least of all over a pet).
Anyway collected Wee Man, text the guy who had been minding him to check if I could bring him back because now we had to do it all again the next day. He was fine with that so dropped Wee Man off, came home, text Kristy in Oz to tell her the story, rang Pet Movers in Christchurch, got an answer phone that said to email which I did. Got an almost instant reply with instructions to ring him urgently which I did. Well he was in a right panic, he had to have the cat that afternoon to get him on the connecting flight to Perth. What can I do? I asked "The airport's closed". Ring them back he said I have to get him. Holy Cow, it's now 12.10. Rang the airport, by now my dear friend Lorraine who told me they were flying now and she'd found out there would be room to get him on, could I bring him back by 1.45? Ok rang the guy back at Petmovers thinking he'd be happy!!!! Stupid me, no he needed him sooner to get him checked etc. Rang Lorraine back, well she said if you can get him here by 12.45 maybe, looked at the clock OMG! It was 12.20, I live at least 45mins. from the airport and I still hadn't been able to contact the guy who had him to tell him I was coming back. More frantic txts, I rang Petmovers and aid no it will have to be the later flight. He compromised, said ok text me his weight when he weighs in at the airport and I'll pull strings her.
Wahoo! Got a txt back from the minder who was at varsity, he left his class and went home, where I met him again, collected a now very confused Wee Man and off we set again to the airport. The fog was starting to come in again and my heart was in my mouth, however we got him checked, I txt Petmovers and Faye, who I had collected from work on my way because she was unwell,
went upstairs and got a coffee. It was now 2.25, the flight was due to leave at 2.50 and the fog was coming in. I rang work and said I would be late, and we waited. Finally they started loading the plane, this time it was going to happen.
I got home quickly changed and went to work.
I kept thinking about Wee Man, hoping he was ok, worried how he would cope on the plane, but secure in the knowledge he was now on his way to his family in Perth.
About 9p.m I got a txt from Kristy in Perth. "Guess what the flight to Perth was cancelled, he's spending the night in Christchurch, hopefully he'll be with me on Wednesday. Who would have thought so much could go wrong?".
So today is Wednesday and I don't care what-else happens today all I want to do is get a text from Kristy that says "Wee Man is here with us at last". I can't wait!!!!!


mandyb said...

oh my goodness....what a drama!!!!!!!! poor WM....
YAH for you having the whole day free to deal with all this!!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG ... what a drama is right ... poor wee man ...