Monday, 5 July 2010

A brighter day....

today. Gus and I have been to the vet and she thinks his eye's ok. The graft may have been scratched but that has protected the eye. Apparently because the graft are actually a living thing it will self repair and in fact it has protected the eye from damage in the fight. We won't tell Gus though he already thinks he's 10ft tall and bullet proof when it comes to fights.
He slept well last night and today is fine, looks a bit tatty and very annoyed that I won't let him outside but not today I need a stress free day today LOL!
I actually feel a bit better today too so that's a good thing cos I've got work.
All I can say is that if it's this stressful with a cat I feel for those with teenage kids. !

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mandyb said...

Just read the Gus story and this one....OMG....glad he is ok!!! these furr children are A LOT of work arent they!!!!

ps hope you feel better soon too