Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday 4th July

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
John Lennon

And this about says it all about today.
This morning was Scrap Sunday but I wasn't feeling very well yesterday and woke this morning feeling no better so cancelled my plan and went back to bed. Was asleep within seconds and woke a couple of hours later, got up made coffee and turned on the soccer. It was turning into a pretty lazy Sunday until all hell broke loose downstairs. The sound of Gus fighting broke the calmness and so our Sunday become chaotic. I ran downstairs but was unable to separate him and the black and white cat he was fighting with and they ran through the fence into the park behind our house. Well these flaxxy grassy things they've planted are really high and sharp and hard to get through, by the time I'd got through and found Gus the damage was done. He let me pick him up and bring him home, he looked like a porcupine with fur sticking out all over the place but worse one of his eyes was bleeding!!!! After fighting my way through the jungle of plants I got home where Faye was waiting,the look on her face confirmed my fears and the race was on to find a vet working Sunday. We did and they could see him immediately. We took him to Mornington Vet and the lovely lady confirmed that his eye had been scratched and the graft had been damaged, ( Gus had grafts put in eyes about 3yrs ago because they were continually ulcerating.)So now we have to take him to his usual vet in the morning and see what the prognosis is. Poor wee man, of all the cats I have known this wee dude has had the hardest time. I just wish he wasn't so stroppy with other cats, but hey that's him and you can't change it. So that was our day and now to bed to get up in the morning to take him to the vet for an update. Oh Boy!

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lynne1 said...

Awww hugs to Gus. I hope your vet can give you some good news while leaving some funds still in the bank.
I hope you are feeling better soon too. Take care