Friday, 2 July 2010

It's winter...

and I felt a change was needed on my blog. I find myself drawn to Jane Austin dvd's in winter, somehow they are even more inspiring when the weather outside mirrors the images in the movies, so I couldn't resist when i found this template on "Shabby Blogs" and it's called Jane Austin.
Just need to fix the verse on the header cos it's a little hard to read, but right now time to run.

P.S. really do like this now that I've seen it again, but must fix that verse tomorrow it's really too small.
Incredibly cold here tonight, came up to the lounge to turn off the fire and just couldn't resist sitting down at the computer in front of the fire, despite being really tired.
But it's really late so just must force myself to go to bed.

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mandyb said...

very the books at the side