Saturday, 17 July 2010

So it's been a busy week this week......

Monday I felt really sick so stayed home, by Tuesday still wasn't feeling great but went to work because I wanted to make sure everything was in place for a our big Jazz and Shiraz night on Wednesday night. And Wednesday felt rotten all day so didn't eat much (naughty I know) but got to work and it was all on. We had 65 booked for out big night of gorgeous food, red wine, chocolate and a fabulous jazz band. And it was awesome, went like a dream from the moment the first diners arrived till the last left it was a fantastic vibe, everyone was buzzing and it just went so well. The staff were amazing and basically we all just enjoyed the night. It was really weird though there was chocolate there for the eating and I just wasn't interested, (scary I know). I think it had more to do with how I was feeling than being good trust me.
Thursday stuck to the couch until it was time to get ready to go to work and another busy night.... (thought this was the quiet season???). Anyway Friday.....days off phew! One of my dearest friends was having a birthday so her sister and I took her to Pier 24 for lunch....ooh la la! That was amazing! Michael of Bell Pepper Blues fame is the Exec Chef there and his signature was all over it. The food was amazing, the wine list to die for and the service was really great ( and trust me I'm picky having been in the industry for 25+ years lol) ! Anyway today I'm chilling doing normal things like groceries, collecting pellets for the fire etc etc, taking soccer playing friends to the emergency dept at the hospital, getting to play with my gorgeous little buddy Taylor (she's one) and realising that for the first time this week I actually feel ok, not great but not like I have so onwards and upwards I say. Might get to play in my Scrap room tomorrow, got some ideas.

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