Sunday, 1 August 2010

Another week...

has rushed by and I feel that I've hardly stopped LOL! The good bits have been that friends of mine have had their second baby, a gorgeous baby girl, work has continued to be busy despite the time of year and I have made time to watch the Rolling Stones "Shine a Light" dvd not once this week but twice!!!!
It is absolutely amazing, as of course I new it would be, but the most amazing thing to me is that when this was made Mick and Keith were 63 yrs old!.To me watching them , well particularly Mick with all that energy is totally inspiring and God knows Keith should probably not even be alive considering the things he's put in his body over the years, but there he is making the most amazing music and loving every minute of it. One of the things that really struck me when watching the dvd is the sheer celebration of friendship between them, they have been together since the 60's, they are more than friends they are family and the joy that brings to their faces is fabulous to see.
But anyway one make that the best bit of the week was the message I got from my 14yr old niece yesterday. I haven't heard from her very much at all lately and decided to send her a message, telling her how much she means to me and how I miss her. Not really expecting to hear back I was blown away when her message came back, even more blown away with her reply....suffice to say I'm now a very happy Auntie looking forward to planning for her to come and stay.
On a disappointed note I should be at my Scrap Day today but will have to be at work soon and I do find it hard going to scrap and having to watch the clock, do hope the girls are having fun.
Anyway off to clean out and relight the fire....Gus is waiting on the couch with a very forlorn look on his fluffy little face.

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mandyb said...

sounds like a good week.....have fun with your niece.