Thursday, 5 August 2010

It's very grey

and miserable here today but it's a good day for me I've got the day off wahoo! Just not sure what to do with myself now too many choices LOL! Faye and I made the hall curtain this morning, hung it, stood back and admired it, (it looked gorgeous), then it fell down!!!###. We had forgotten to put the little screws in the brackets holding the track! So back to the drawing board that window of opportunity has now closed and won't re-open till Saturday! Never mind it's made and we know it works.
So my choices for this afternoon.evening are: a DVD and my knitting, actually doing some scrapping, or some baking...mmmmm! I just don't seem to be able to get my head into the scrapping at the moment, I have lots of ideas but not the patience to sit and do it, don't know what that's about sadly cos I miss it to be honest.
Anyway I want to finish the little baby jacket I'm making so maybe that will win.

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