Friday, 6 August 2010

Another gorgeous day here..

been sunny and feels very spring like, sadly they are forecasting snow but hey it's a nice day and we'll take it.
Friday is Weight Watcher's day and once again a successful result, I'm maintaining my new weight nicely and Faye is continuing to go down . So proud of her she's doing so amazingly well, it's so good to see her looking so well and happy again.
Another day off and I think I'll go and make the cushion pad for the rocking chair, the fabric has been sitting on it for a while think it's time for action.LOL!
I wish this was "telly blog" and you could see Gus stretched out along the couch, what a cool dude this cat is, he just loves his home comforts that's for sure.
Another thing I'm very happy about I've been getting little messages on Facebook from my 14yr old niece, which to me is amazing cos well we don't see each other that much but it's very cool that because of modern tech we can keep in touch and for me that's awesome.
Right going to attempt that chair pad cos there's a lot on telly tonight....

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mandyb said...

sounds like you are busy with your crafts!!!!! enjoy the fine days!!!