Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Gorgeous blog...

just been looking at this blog and wanted to share these gorgeous images with you. This lady is Swedish and the work she does is just so beautiful, but what caught my eye was the gorgeous images of the scrapping workshop she did in Dubai. Now of course I have never been to Dubai so I had no idea of how beautiful it is. I love the photos of the ladies in their long robes and head scarves sitting at these beautifully dressed tables scrapbooking. Just wonderful to see the joy on their faces, it truly is an international love of scrapbooking, so cool to see.

Check it out it will definitely inspire yo...it has me and that's hard to do right now.

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mandyb said...

cool stuff huh!!! we copied her style recently as part of the Sp challenge and it was hard!!! not my style but i enjoyed looking at her work!!!