Thursday, 2 September 2010

Is it going to...

snow? They are predicting it here tomorrow and it looks so grey and weird out there it well could. I have tomorrow off so it won't be toooo stressful if it does and I have to stay home in front of the fire and scrap.. yeah I would like that actually I'm really tired today and need a bit of "chillin out".
I was really sad at work last night, it was Sammi's birthday and of course they live about 5hrs away so I couldn't be there but she sent me a txt from her birthday party and my sister sent me a pic of the cake (sigh), I just wished I could've been there. Never mind maybe in the holidays we can make the plan work for her to come and stay. I miss my baby niece who is fast becoming a baby no more.
Anyway off to work soon so going to light the fire before I go, the house feels really cold.
If anyone feels like a bit of inspiration check out this blog, this ladies work is beyond amazing.
C Ya!

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Mrs Frizz said...

well I sure hope you enjoyed your day off today and found time to scrap in front of the fire.