Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What a totally horrible week it's been so far...

My heart goes out to the people of Christchurch and their devastating loss and terrifying week so far. After a 7.1 earthquake on Sat morning the aftershocks continue and they seem to be getting bigger. The city centre is in in ruins and many people's houses are uninhabitable. I keep trying to think "what would you do"? I just wish then all well and pray that it stops soon and life can start to get back to normal although I know that will take months if not years.
My sister and her family live an hour and half north of the city and they are ok although they are still getting shaken around and very scared.
I go to Christchurch probably about once a year and I'm struggling to realise that places I know and love won't be there next time I go and it will be a very different place.
Wow sometimes the world can be a very scary place, I guess the only thing is Thank God no-one was killed which somehow is a miracle.

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