Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It's freezing here today

snowing on and off and a ferocious wind, but still I count myself lucky I don't live in Christchurch where they are still having aftershocks 2and half weeks after there 7.2 earthquake, and I don't live in Invercargill where they have had massive snow falls and had buildings collapse. So I guess the message here is to be grateful for what we have, because oh boy when I see what people have lost I realise I have a pretty charmed life.
They are predicting quite a bit of snow here today so when I go to work I'm going to take an emergency kit in case I have to stay the night, that's one thing about working in a hotel I guess.....but wait just remembered we have a full house tonight...oh well the couch in the bar is very comfy so that will be ok.
We had hosted a big Wedding show at work on Sunday, people who do anything to do with weddings were there to exhibit their wares. The lady who organised it is a well known photographer, Moira Clark, and she was responsible for the set up, it looked amazing. On some of the tables she used vintage crockery which of course sent me into orbit. I wish our stand had been more creative but sadly it wasn't up to me... maybe next time. Anyway this morning I'm going to make some mini-pies to put in the freezer so better go.

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