Thursday, 23 September 2010

So woke this morning

to frozen snow and it looks like there is more on the way. Dunedin is pretty much cut off as all the surrounding motorways are closed and it is FREEZING? Christchurch was rocked by yet another earthquake this morning about a 5 I think, those poor people it must be so horrible.
Have a day off today and before the day gets started I'm going to take my friends' dog for a walk.... now this isn't such A BIG DEAL i KNOW BUT i'M A CAT PERSON AND DOGS ARE A FOREIGN ENTITY TO ME lol! And although I've often thought of having a dog it would be one of those little "imitation cat" type if you get my drift. But Jake is a huge dog, a real dog so this may be interesting, but his family is a away and I feel sorry for him so a walk we will take......could be interesting.
Apart from that going to help a friend choose some new whiteware...(love spending other people's money) so that will be fun.
So off for that walk...must take the camera.

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