Wednesday, 26 January 2011

January Nearly Gone!

Can hardly believe how fast January has flown by. I suppose because I've been working and the weather's been pretty "un-summer-like" I've hardly noticed the time going.
I have been trying to get to my table to play but most days fate seems to have other ideas and I don't make it, but I have a couple of days off coming up so I really want to finish a couple of projects I started before Christmas. I'm in the process of doing a couple of little books for two adorable little girls and I really want to get them finished,partly because I have so many other ideas but want let myself start until I've done these books.
I've found a new site called Scrap That, it's Canadian and wow the work these very talented ladies do is amazing. Somehow the layouts look different to anything I've seen, so much detail and so beautiful I keep going back to have another look.
Anyway for now my oven is calling me I've got friends coming for morning tea.

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Rooky said...

Just found your blog in Scrap That and I love it, your cards are gorgeus! I´m your follower now :)