Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I haven't been

around much lately, works really busy and my time to play has been very limited. With recent events in Christchurch the hotel has been incredibly busy, going from quiet to full in half a day, so consequently when I'm at home all I'm good for is to blob out, oh and try to to keep up with the basic home stuff AND, of course make special time for Gussie.
But I've decided I have to get back to some "paper therapy", because although the world seems a very sad place at the moment, there's got to be some happy time as well.
Anyway enough about all that, going to go and "find my table" for a couple of hours.


mandyb said...

glad you and gus are well.... enjoy getting crafty!!!

Embellish It said...

I wondered where you had gone, I thought somehow you had fallen off my google reader!