Monday, 28 March 2011

Introducing Molly Bloom!

I'm baaack! And in more ways than one, I'm back to my craft room, back to being in love with paper, stamps, flowers and inks. I used my Cricut this morning, the first time in ah I don't know how long, my creative juices are flowing and I, the real me, who love to create and discover and play, is back. I've relearned that working is a means to an end, not the "be all " of my life and yah I'm back!!!!!.
This little stamps is an English set which came on the cover of an English mag which I picked up in town one day, purely because I loved the stamp, and slowly but surely it got to me and I had to make a card. And I'm so glad I did, cos the next thing I knew, the Magnolia stamps were on the table and I was away, with inks and pencils etc etc and my whole being knew I had to get back to it.
With my new position at work I've found things a bit full on but since I've got back to my table, I've been calmer, more focused and yet strangely relaxed, even "God-forbid" found myself enjoying my new yah for paper ink and mess....bring it on!!!

And then of course, the other night, with the encouragement of my darling best friend, I ordered some of the NEW, yes New, Magnolia stamps, not actually released intil April 1st, in the States, where I'm getting them Wahoo I'm going to be having a ball in the next few weeks.

Also in the next few weeks I'm going to be going to Christchurch airport to wave good-bye to my very special niece Sam, who is going to go and live with her Dad's family in Australia and finish her schooling there. This is going to be very hard for not only the obvious reason but it means going to Christchurch, scene of last month's devasting earthquake and seeing first hand the heartbreaking loss of this beautiful and treasured city. I will be brave on both counts, (this has become my mantra at the moment).

Now to lighter stuff, who's watching American Idol??? OMG! Is it not the best ever? And I know I'm not the only one who'se fallen in love with Steven Tyler ! Can that guy really be 63???? Another reason to believe that my generation are going to be eternal teenagers.....yes please!.

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mandyb said...

lol about american idol...havent really been into it since the kelly clarkson days!!!

as for your trip to chch will be family is from there and my dad is really emotional about visiting my aunt in a few weeks!!! seeing his old spots all broken!!

hey YAH for re-creating again!!! and yah for using your cricut!!!