Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter to All.

It's definitely Easter/Autumn weather here, still quite warm but with that hint of things to come. It has been another very busy week for me, went to Christchurch on Tuesday morning very early because my 15yr old niece Sam, was leaving for Australia on Wednesday to live with her Dad's family for a while. Lots of mixed emotions going on in that house for sure, my sister's happy to let her try something different but wow such a big change for her, I hope it all works out the way she's planned it.
My sister lives about an hour north of Christchurch and we only traveled around the outskirts of the city so didn't see the devastation in the inner city, this was a choice we made before we went, two reasons, with all the work going on they don't need cars getting in the way and secondly I don't think I could cope with seeing the city, a city that I love, in such a bad state. But the traffic on the arterial roads is amazing, so busy, it took us probably three times as long to get from one side of the city to the other.
On our way in from Gaylene's we went to Paper Peacock in Woodend, what a gorgeous wee shop, lots of cool things to see and what a hive of activity. Two workshops going at once in the shop created an amazing buzz, definitely will make that a place to stop in next time I'm in Christchurch.
We also found a gorgeous little patchwork shop where I saw a quilt that I absolutely fell in love with so now know exactly the colours my room is going to be when I move into the room at the front of the house. Yes there is nothing like a road trip to formulate plans for all sorts of things thats for sure.
But right now I have a bathroom ceiling to clean so must a way.

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