Sunday, 24 April 2011

Why am I sitting here at the computer..

when I have brand new un-inked Magnolia stamps sitting on my table? Because I'm too scared to go and do anything in case I forget to go to work lol!
Life has been crazy over the past few weeks, what with people coming to the house to do quotes for the work we need done, my jobs been full on and then of course our trip to Christchurch to see my niece before she flew off to Oz, there hasn't been even time to unpack after our last Scrap Sunday and that was two weeks ago!!!!! :(.
I have been looking at some of the amazing work that some very clever and talented people do and just wish that for a few days I could just sit and play but right now that is not to be.....what days off have I got this week???? Ah maybe, just maybe I could sneak a few hours....hope so.

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Anonymous said...

Do it stamp it