Saturday, 9 April 2011

Yah the sun is shining...

it's been very cold here all week, not like Autumn, more like winter, but today is gorgeous. The sun's out and there is a bit of warmth in it as well.
Well another extremely busy week, but as well as continuing to be busy at work life at home has been crazy as well..... we have decided to take the plunge and decided the time is right, to continue on with our renovations. So stage two will be window frames, weather boards, the front porch and hopefully something done with the kitchen. Oh and then of course painting the house.....mmmmm quite a list I know but needs must so it's going to be exciting if not scary. But the action starts on Monday with a round of visits from trades-people and discussions, quotes decision making etc etc.
But firstly tomorrow I have the day off and I'm going to spend it with my scrap buddies, not scrapping but making cards new Tilda stamps arrived on Thursday and I haven't had a chance to get them near ink and paper so I'm desperate to play.
So I must go and start packing my stuff so that I don't have chaos in the morning.
Not being awful but I won't mind if work is a teeny bit quieter tonight tee hee.
Oh before I go, anyone in the Dunedin area you must try the new Gaslight cafe that has opened on St Andrew street, their chef is Logan McPherson, a two times Beef and Lamb Ambassador, and a wonderfully creative guy. His menu is based on French and Italian cafe type food and will be amazing. Check it out.
As for me....I'. gone! Ltr.

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mandyb said...

all the best for the renovations...sounds exciting!!!!