Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Things have been crazy around here, "crazy busy" to quote Steven Tyler. Work is still really really busy and around home the continuous stream of tradespeople continues. At this stage coming to do quotes which should start arriving in the mailbox in the next week. Am I scared? Well yes I guess I am but also incredibly excited. The more we look at possibilities and the more suggestions we get, the more possible it seems and of course the more scary. But if I've learnt anything it's that you take one step at a time and believe in your decisions and of course question everything lol.
So on the craft front I have done zilch, well I did start a birthday card for my sister and it's still sitting on my table unfinished, (sorry Sis) but it's hard to sit and concentrate and haven't been home much.
It's Scrap Camp this weekend... Yah for the girls that are going, I had to make the call not to go this year. Firstly this Saturday at work is insanely busy and with everything going on at home it's too hard to plan, pack and in fact concentrate, but I'm hoping to visit that's for sure. And if any of the ladies going are reading this, hope you have a wonderful time, lots of laughs and remember "Sleep is over-rated and in some circumstances a waste of time!"
And now for me, must away and get ready for work.
Ciao Bella!


topkatnz said...

A very exciting and stressful time for sure! I've sort of decided against and scrap camps this year too - just can't fit EVERYTHING in...

Embellish It said...

I am actually going to Dunedin ScrapCamp for the first time! sorry to hear that we wont finally be meeting!!!