Thursday, 12 May 2011

Chef Knows Best

I am so proud of this guy, he's an awesome chef, and has a wonderful future in front of him and I recommend you check out his blog, because if you like good food, it's going to be the place to be.
On the home front, I actually played at my table yesterday!!!! I know shocking eh? But I started a very special card and I hope to get it finished today.
Also submitted plans for our kitchen to have them priced and have a "digital plan" created so that we can actually see what it would look like.
OMG! So exciting but so scary.
Speaking of scary the wind here today is horrible, hope it dies down soon it makes me nervous.
Well time to move.


Chef Logan McPherson said...

thanks for the plug liddy :)

mandyb said...

the kitchen plans sound very fun to chose all the things you want...and colours etc!!!