Thursday, 30 June 2011

A bad week:

Well it has been really, I got sick, a real nasty cold bug bit me, Faye's leg swelled up and caused her to spend most of Monday at the hospital, and now my brother's in hospital with respiratory problems. So all in all it's been a bit bleak all round. But then I watch the news and hear that Christchurch can't get insurance for their civic buildings any more, and their rates are going up. People are spending a horrible winter with water filled streets, severely damaged homes, or no home, and job losses etc etc. In other words, what in the world have I got to complain about? So onward and upward, life's not that bad in my world after all.
I really need to go and get that cat inside so I can close that door, cos it's FREEZING!.


topkatnz said...

It's all relative - you take care of you and yours ok. And, as I heard on the radio this morning 'Christchurch is just going through an unlucky patch at the moment' - how's that for understatement?!

mandyb said...

sorry to hear you are sick...and others as well!!! may you ALL get better soon