Monday, 4 July 2011

What a gorgeous day?

The major frost and ice of this morning has disappeared and it's a beautiful :washing drying: day. The kind of day you open the windows, turn the radio up and go mad with the vacuum cleaner and feel like you are having fun even though it's work. That's how my day is going anyway. Feeling a lot better today, still a bit blocked up but all those hot lemon drinks, and aniseed wheels have definitely helped. Don't know if aniseed helps but it tastes good so it must do some good right?
My brother is home from hospital and feeling much better, just need to keep him off the ciggies, although he's got patches and says they are working well so that's good.
I can't believe that in July I'm getting washing dry outside, the windows are all wide open and the house is warm, it really is a different year weather wise that's for sure.
We watched a DVD the other night to cheer me up, (awwww) anyway it was "Made in Dagenham" and I highly recommend it, if you would like see a pretty accurate account of how life was for women in the early 1960's WATCH THIS MOVIE! I went through all the emotions on this one, it made me realise just how far we have come. I started work in 1968 and believe me this is absolutely how it was, so as well as being highly entertaining, from an historical point of view it is a must see, and oooh the clothes, worth seeing for the clothes! Yep that's how it was all right.
Anyway lunch is calling....

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mandyb said...

YAH for a good day.....and a great DVD.... glad you are feeling better too