Thursday, 7 July 2011

So no scrapping...

and not even card making going on here at the moment. I have rediscovered knitting, and find myself sitting by the window in the winter sun, or by the fire knitting baby clothes!!!! I love knitting "quick stuff" and baby clothes fit the bill and also I decided there are a lot of babies out there who need them so these are off to Presbyterian Support when they are done. I have also found myself scouring not "scrappy blogs" but needlework, patchwork and knitting blogs! Maybe cos I can't get to my stuff at the moment? I don't know but as long as my hands are busy and my minds happy I don't care.
As for work it's very erratic, goes from dead quiet to crazy busy in the wink of an eye. Sure put a few through the restaurant last night, and the figures were good too, good food and wine sales.
On the subject of wine I tried the new Wyndham Estate Bin 555 Bubbly Shiraz yesterday, and it is absolutely divine, perfect for a winter meal and I think it would be great with chocolate, well I hope it will cos I'm putting it to the test in a couple of weeks at our annual Jazz and Shiraz dinner we have at work. A complementary glass of this on arrival should get the guests in the mood for some fabulous food and some hot jazz.
Well now it's time to head to the supermarket, Gus is giving me that face.

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mandyb said...

hey im the winter i also do cross stitch to keep my hands busy!!!!
nothing like being tucked up inside on a cold winter day stitching!!!