Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Winter ........


Well it certainly is winter here now and with the changes we have made around the house we are really using the front lounge this winter. The fire is on, we have everything warm and snuggly for winter TV and Dvd watching, but the one who enjoys it most of all is of course GUS!
He can be found on the couch, by the fire at any time of the day or night, with this totally blissed out look on his face. I love when he takes over the couch, lol!
I took these photos with my phone, and ok so they probably aren't super good but they certainly hold there own, don't you just love technology?
Today I want to finish the wee baby clothes I've been making and deliver them to Presbyterian Support, where I hope they will go to a good cause. Been loving making these "little people woollies", and I hope someone gets a lot of pleasure out of them.
Speaking of icy, when I took Faye to work this morning at 6.45, it was real "Ice Ice Baby", going down that hill! Wow, no problems but the traffic was sure moving slowly, my trusty little Ford held it's own though no problems.
Right, off to get the day organised.
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