Monday, 13 June 2011

A Gorgeous day!

It's a gorgeous day here in Dunedin, a bit chilly but very pretty.
We have spent the weekend going over our quote ad have resigned ourselves to the fact that the guy didn't understand what we were meaning when we said "Limitations" lol! Now that we have studied the quote we realise he's talking waaaay more than what we ever imagined or meant and wanted to be done.
So plan "B", a friend of mine is coming up on Wednesday to have a look at the quote and help us decide what we actually NEED, and then we are going to get some more quotes.
Thankyou for the lovely comments on my rather sad last post, and Topcat, your quote has really made me think, you are sooooo right. Mandy thankyou and yes we will do some of it for sure.

Now to fun stuff, I made this card last night for a lady Faye works with, she lent us last weeks episode of "Dounton Abbey", because bless the Lord and pass the whiskey, we taped the wrong time and missed it. Probably more distressing than the quote lol!
But all is right with the world again we have seen it and are now waiting with anticipation for this weeks episode.
Well a gorgeous day as I said must go make the most of it.

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mandyb said...

i love that card...very pretty... hope your decisions come easily...and that you still have some of your dreams happen too