Friday, 10 June 2011

Just breath!!!!

Thant's what we kept saying to each other when we read the quote for the house renovations...... and we are still breathing, but only just. Sadly some of our dreams are going to go out the window, (literally) lol! But at the end of the day if I've learnt anything in my 59 years it's that "You Can't always Get what you Want", ( that's actually a Rolling Stones song, but you can try to get what you need. So that's what we shall do, the things that must be done shall be done and the rest will have to go back into the "dream cupboard".
Note to self: Buy a Lotto ticket tomorrow.


topkatnz said...

Sometimes limits and compromises spur creativity and can be the stuff new dreams are built on:)

mandyb said...

oh no!!
sorry to hear this...hope some of the dreams make their way to the surface!!!