Friday, 26 August 2011

It's a beautiful

Spring day here, just gorgeous. Gus is laying on the deck sunning his tummy and wondering if life could get any better....well I'm guessing, who knows what a cat would be thinking about!
Feeling very jaded today, had a huge function at work last night, 80 5th yr Med students for dinner, well the dinner went fine it was when they hit the bar afterwards that the fun started... boy oh boy do they not teach them that it's not good for their bodies to try and drink that much alcohol? And worse do they not understand that when you try to slow them down or stop them altogether you are only doing your job and actually taking care of them? The answer is no they don't! Ah well some days I feel really old and today's one of those days.
I was going to go to the Dunkley's Craft show today but I've slept a bit long so hopefully I'll get tomorrow, I want to check out the "Sew Pretty" stall.....yes it will feed my new re-found fabric addiction I know, but it will make me feel good.
So I guess it's time for a shower, some lunch and back to work......might just stop for cake on the way.... well it's a legal high isn't it???


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