Wednesday, 24 August 2011

It's hard to believe

that the photo below was taken just 9 days ago! Spring is definitely on it's way, a bit cloudy today but the last couple of days have been really hot.
So maybe it's spring fever or plain madness but I have gone back to doing patchwork, I've been thinking about it for awhile but yesterday I actually cut fabric and this morning I've been sewing....stumped now though cos the pattern isn't working but I'll figure it out eventually.....I hope.
I had forgotten how much I loved to play with fabric and to sew, so glad I didn't get rid of all my books cos they are going to come in handy again.
I ordered some fabric last week from Fabric Fixation a New Zealand site that Suzy put me on too, (thankyou). I ordered and the fabric was here within a couple of days which was great, the cool thing is it matches our fabric in the dining room/ kitchen so I'm happy.
So must go and see if I can get some more done before work.

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