Monday, 5 September 2011

5th September 2011

A gorgeous day here today, and I'm deliberating what to do..... I know the procrastinating is caused by the fact that I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I know I'm going to be in trouble. I had a call from the nurse the other day and my cholesterol levels are through the roof, I was supposed to be on meds for this but they were interfering with my CML meds and making me feel sick so I stopped taking them, but even though I have lost 12kg ( and I thought this would make a difference ) LOL! Clearly it's the one that's not effected by food but your own body.... what has my body got against me I wonder? Anyway I won't be popular this afternoon that's for sure.
Anyway to happier things, it's a gorgeous day here as I said so I must make an effort to enjoy it, but what to do????? So much indecision here today.
Actually I should start washing down the paintwork in the kitchen so that we can start painting it, have decided on a colour finally so now it's just a matter of doing it.
So just curious, is anyone else feeling like me, just not interested in the Rugby World Cup? Just askin' !
Right off to wash walls.


topkatnz said...

I totally hear you on the Cholesterol thing - mine was a little high, but weight loss hasn't helped at all! hope you get yours sorted.BTW - 12kg loss is FANTASTIC!! and RWC - well I've never been a rugby fan, so I'm not interested at all - worse still, I was just thinking the other day that I'm GLAD ChCh is not hosting any games - do we need all the busyness and congestion?? I'm sure that thinking would just about get me drawn and quartered by some fans!!LOL

mandyb said...

oh no about feeling sick!!!
but YAH for the weightloss!!!!

hope you feel better soon xxxxx